Sabtu, Juni 15, 2013

Its been a while. I know nobody read this since apparently I lost a lot of reader and follower. Nah.. whatever, this is kinda my personal journal anyway.

So, how are you doing lovelies ? me ? I'm not that good. Magister sucks. Life a bit meh and obviously make me bored. I found out that even a mountain homework and assignment killing me slowly. The assignment sometimes just too cruel to write down. it is take my nerves. everyday like "oh, f*ck ! the deadline is 12 hours again" or "how the hell am I gonna write this ? Omg just killing me". and suddenly I'm buddy-buddy with the librarian, I spend most of my time there. Not that I'm complaining, I'm a voluntarily nerd. I just found out that I hate school even more than before.

I made friends with most of them. Sometimes I just easily made friend with people. I always need friend, a lot of them. Even though I like being alone now, not that I'm an antisocial, its just I enjoy the silence. I talk less than before,  I dont share my privacy that much and I'm sort of widening my personal bubble. 

I had new friends, lost my old friends and a bestfriends. Its sad when I dont even attempt to reconnect with my lost friends. I think I'm just tired to pleased anyone else and for once I stand for myself. Well, I will always have them in my heart, but I have to moving forward. This is totally sad.

I spent most my days with a lot of reading and watching movies and TV shows, mostly sleeping, browsing, blogwalking *even though not posting on mine*, complaining, and its around and around. every single day.

Yeah, my life is fun like that. 

I kinda need direction with my life, most girls in my age already married, had childrens, or became a workers. but me ? yeah.. its not that I'm not gonna get married soon. I am apparently. still not like the idea. but I am... And I'm still trying to (hopefully) finish my degree, unemployed and still cranky as f*ck every second of my life.

This fine man (a long time) boyfriend of mine is preparing to propose me. Well, when most of girls of my age are jump happily with joy, or some might pleading for their boyfriend to propose by sending some code in their tweets, ME just frightned. I'm having panick attack.

The idea of marriage scare the shit out of me.

I'm not feeling ready, hopelly I am soon. It just make me uncomfortable. I might be an easy going one, but when the subject is marriage I dont feel like talking about it. The fighting, the life together forever thing, childrens, in law and more, seriously make me uncomfortable. Its like Gorilla throwing a dance party in my belly. I dont like this feeling. Its just icky right now.

Well, I guess enough about me ranting about my-oh-amazing-life *note the sarcasm*, so this is me, with my idiotic  cheeky smile. obviously a fake one. trying to figure out what will gonna happen with my life. I'm still stubborn, a pain in the ass for my boyfriend. still make my parents frustated. still daydreaming about unnecessary things. still not a mature one. still wanting a lightsaber. But how bad can I be ? 

The first step of moving on is embrace your flaws.

Sabtu, Juli 21, 2012

Hey !

How are you doing fellas ?

Been a while I'm not typing anything in my laptop, life been crazy.. and still. A little bit exhausted but surely excited.

I finally decided to go back to school, I apply to Bandung Institute of Technology Graduated school, Design and art faculty, in design major. the test was hard (for me, I dont know for other), so many form I have to add in my application and portofolio. I did test, interview, and more. not hoping too much but I did manage to be accepted there. Alhamdulillah...

I cut my hair short, bob short... my hair tend to get oily and not soft, I didn't have enough time to take care of my skin and my hair (I've got pimple too, damn) maybe I forgot, or just lazy... so I cut my hair... 

this what I've been doing recently, on my spare time :)

write more soon...

Minggu, Januari 01, 2012

2012 !

Currently at Djogjakarta to spend holiday and New Year with family... :)


Anyway, Happy New Year 2012 everyone... wish you all the very best in this controversial Year..

Selasa, Desember 06, 2011



Inside my shopping bag, I think I spend too much...

How come She told me I'm a bitch, when I never think about her even once... I never hurt you, I never talking about you, but why you called me a bitch..? isn't that too cruel ? What did I do to you ? explain it to me... Cause as far as I know we're not really know each other...

Jumat, November 25, 2011

Graduation Kebaya

After 7 years of wandering or studying (in less amount of time, compared with my playing around time in campus), I finally going to graduate this december.. \(>v<)/ yaaaayyy...

It is a must for a girl to wear kebaya in graduation day, since I have no clue with this kind of outfit, I've got a little confuse... even to decide what color and what material I should choose..

After, circling around for a couple time, ask to this and that store in Pasar Baru Bandung, We're finally give up and stop at one huge store of fabric...

and here's the options..


Finally decide the fabric... then trying to choose a color..

And The Winner is...

Just hope it will suit me later, I'll update the result picture, since it's still a pieces of fabric

Kamis, November 24, 2011

Me, Him, Us, Them

I'm kinda screw up if talking about love. It's just every girl want a huge dose of romance in their life, and somehow not every boyfriend can gave it.. Sometimes disappointment filling inside my head, I think this is a wrong way of relationship, sometimes it feels so tired to handle all the complexness, Cause we both so stubborn, selfish, and cocky about ourself. It's feel like a never ending list of complains, and thousand time of break up and make up.. so exhausting and irritating..


And now this questions circling around my mind almost all the time, "Are we gonna make it? what are we fighting for? Love? is there still love?"

And I have no answer...

Minggu, November 13, 2011

Current Obsession

Currently obsessed with Lace Cardi and Sweater, It's super cold right now here, it's rainy season.. more than twice a week I have to pass the coldest area on the way to Bandung, Since I ride my motorcycle to go through there ,sometimes it's insanely cold... So I wore cardigan or sweater inside my parka or coat, for extra warmth :)

 Source : Weheartit

But warmth doesn't mean cannot be cute right? I love peach and salmon color recently.. pastel color, light and warm color.. I used to love bold and deep color. kinda weird for me.. so.. what happen with me ? :P